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Seniors 2015


Current and Upcoming Activities:

Honors world History:

World War TWO

Students Create digital Presentations over World War TWO

CRT #11 scheduled for 4/13/15


Government & Law:

TORTS [Civil Wrongs]

Students apply CIVIL Law.  Using the text “Street Law” and in class discussion.

CRT #11 Scheduled for 4/10/15

Current Essential words Percentage “highs”

    Honors= 82% first period

    Govt. & Law=  85% 3rd Period

CLasses take an essential words quiz weekly that is based on all essential words for the entire year.  As the year progresses and students have the opportunity to learn these words the scores should increase.  Links to all the words can be found on the respective class pages.


email is the best and quickest way to contact Mr. May

you may Also call 344-4524

Those ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it!!
A Student presenting using an iPad connected by airserver to apple tv and projector 8/29/14