Welcome to my website!


I like to do things, not unlike many other people, although, my tastes will differ from others. One of my favorite things to do is play Magic the Gathering. I've gotten more into it over time as I have discovered I like the challenge of finding out how best to beat other players and coming up with new strategies. Here are some of my favorite cards, ranked highest to lowest:

  1. Stifle - This card, I have discovered, has quickly become my favorite by far. It is not only useful against other players, but it also gives you the option to negate certain unwanted effects your creatures have.
  2. Experiment Kraj - An incredibly niche, yet a card with a wide array of tactics, pop one of these bad boys on a field of creatures with activated ablities and just go wild!
  3. Opt - Definitely a staple card for any player that just needs to know what their next card is before they draw it.

Another one of my favorite pastimes is the wonderful game of Dungeons and Dragons. There are literally endless possibilties in this game, you just need to find them. I will be posting some of my comics of the game here (If I ever get to it).